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Hotel JRD International, Amboli Hills
MOBILE : 8805413400

Welcome to Amboli; Welcome to JRD :

  Cushioned very  comfortably in the alpine forests of Sahyadri, Amboli is a beautiful mountain resort in the Sindhudurga District at a height of 690 M. above  sea level, where you explore vast tract of virgin jungles alive with the  chirping of birds and roaring animals amidst lush green hills and  valleys.
    Set like a Royal Guest House at Amboli is JRD  International where you in most natural surroundings, enjoy the  hospitality of our staff, who swears it as their personal mission.
In  summer, when the worlds around sizzles under scorching heat, Amboli  offers you a pleasant climate, comfortable warm during the day and  pleasantly cool at night, Colourful flowers, Ruggedness of the Mountains  of Kokan and Chirping sounds of Birds Elevates the spirit of the  holiday mood.
    In Rainy Seasons, it pours here relentlessly  enveloping the hilly terrain in a blanket of thick clouds. The million  shades of green and brown of the trees and the earth stand like out a  freshly painted canvas-an artist’s masterpiece.
Wonderful  Winters, the mountain seems to float on clouds as the thick fog lifts  up. The skies get cloudier and stars hazier and the grey silhouettes  shine through the mist and dew sparkles as the sun-rays shower the earth  in its yellow splendor.
    Throughout the year, the mountains wear  various shades of green tempting you to explore the charms of Amboli. Keeping aside this routine and perhaps seemingly monotonous round, you  can take an off-beat path into the dense forests where wild life comes  alive at night. Where wild Bore, Deers, Hynaes, Porcupines and even  Tigers, untamed and yet truly at home.
    Since last 25 years Hotel  JRD International is serving as the best hotel / resort at Amboli hill  station. Amboli is the most beautiful hill station tucked away in the  folds of Sahyadri ranges. Sindhudurg located in south Konkan on Sahyadri  hills with thick forests, 2378 above sea level. Summer, winter, rainy season atmosphere is cool, fresh and experiences heavy rainfall, 350 to  400 inches. Beauty of nature along with beautiful waterfalls starts from  top of the mountains and falling on rocks experiences heaven on earth  because of thick fogs. There are so many tourist attractions like  mahadevgad, Parikshit, Sunset, Narayangad, the origin of river  Hyranyakeshi, temple of goddess hiranyakeshi and lord Shiva. Normally 50  to 75 thousand tourists visit Amboli every year. Rainy season is  pleasant & beautiful. During Diwali & Christmas vacations Amboli  is full of fogs experiencing heaven at different point.
    For years we have been host favorite with our tourists. Our exquisite, ambience, quality of hospitality and course of traditional Malvani food has been one of the most important that brings in tourists year after year. Most of our esteemed guests who visit us come through word of mouth.
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